How To Stop Your Catalytic Converter From Being Stolen

Parked Car

Last week we covered what to do if your catalytic converter is stolen. But with cases on the rise, many people are wanting to know if there’s anything they can do to help protect these exposed, partially vulnerable, and no-doubt valued parts of their vehicle. It’s a common misconception that catalytic converters feature precious metal, […]

What To Do If Your Catalytic Converter Is Stolen

Catalytic Convertor

Don’t worry! You’re not alone. Catalytic converter theft is on the rise, and it’s a significant hassle for car owners everywhere. In fact, if your catalytic converter is stolen, then you are in good company with over 500,000 other people in America who have had to deal with this problem last year alone. Here is […]

5 Auto Checks for Fall

Autumn Driving

Problems with your vehicle can come at any time of year. Of course winter presents unique challenges, as does summer with searing heat that affects thousands of car batteries every year. But what about fall? Battery The two biggest contributors to car battery problems are heat and overcharging.  This means you’re most at risk from […]

Stay Safe with These Winter Driving Tips

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Driving in winter weather conditions can test your vehicle as well as your driving abilities.  Today we are going to be discussing some of our top winter driving tips to keep you safe when driving in treacherous winter weather. Severe weather is one of the biggest causes of road accidents, so it is critical to […]

What to Keep in a Winter Emergency Kit for Your Car

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The days are getting shorter & winter will soon be upon us.  If this winter is anything like last, especially in the Connecticut and NY area, you will want to be prepared. Thick snow can develop when you least expect it, causing potential hazards & problems you aren’t prepared for.  According to the U.S. Department […]

Winterizing Your Car – Top Tips

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If you don’t take steps to prepare your car for winter, you could suffer an unexpected breakdown or emergency repair. Winterizing your car doesn’t have to be difficult!  We have put together steps that every vehicle owner can take to protect themselves, their vehicle & their family this winter.  With just a few simple checks […]

10 Tips to checking your car before a long road trip

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About to go on a long road trip?  Wondering what checks you need to make before you leave?  Checking your car before a long road trip could save you having an needed breakdown or holiday drama!   Checking your car before a long road trip Tip 1: Get your emergency kit together If you don’t […]

Emergency Roadside Kit Checklist

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Whether you’re off on a long road trip or a routine journey to work, a roadside emergency can happen when you least expect it, so it pays to be prepared… A well prepared emergency kit can cover you for most eventualities; Keeping you and your passengers safe, helping you to find assistance and getting yourself […]