Choosing the right tires for your vehicle depends on a number of factors, each car has different requirements for the size of tires needed and the conditions you drive in can have a big impact on the types of tires you need.

The one thing that should always remain the same however is choosing the best possible tires you can.

When spending money on your car tires should be the number one area you never cut costs on! Your vehicles tires are the only contact it has with the road, it doesn’t matter whether you have ABS or stability control, if your tires aren’t up to the job you’re not going to get the grip you need on the road.

Good tires could give you the grip you need to avoid a collision and most importantly could save your life!  So if you’re wondering how much you should spend on your next set of wheels, the answer is as much as you can!

Why buy good tires?

  • They need replacing less often
  • They usually come with a good manufactures warranty
  • They could save your life


Which tire size for your car?

Use to check what tires will fit your vehicle, alternatively look in your owners handbook or bring your car into Fred’s auto center.


How to tell if your tires need replacing?

Check for cracks or bulges

Look for any cracks or bulges in the sidewall, if you see anything unusual drop your vehicle by Fred’s Auto Center.

Check your tire depth

You can choose to do this with a tire depth gauge test or use the “penny test”.

  • Take a penny or a quarter
  • Place it upside down with Lincoln’s head facing you (in the center tread of the tire)
  • If the top of the head disappears your tire tread should be fine for now
  • If you can see the whole of Lincoln’s head it’s time to replace your tires. – Request an appointment with Fred’s Auto Center

You experience vibration when driving

  • If you are getting vibration under your seats your rear tires may be out of balance
  • If you experience vibration in your steering wheel it could suggest that there is a problem with your suspension.

You have had them for 6 years

If you have had your tires for more than years the NHTSA recommend that this is the minimum timeframe you should wait to replace your tires.  Definitely don’t wait any longer than 10 years!


Fred’s Auto Center will find the best tires for you

So next time you go to replace your car’s tires look for the best tires available for your budget.  Fred’s Auto Center will help you find the best tires for braking & handling.

We stock most major tire brands so you can rest in the knowledge that our tire experts will help you find the best, most reliable tires for your vehicle & your budget.


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