Want to get more MPG from your car & save money?  If you’re soon off on a long journey there’s plenty of ways to make you can make your fuel last longer with little effort at all.

How can I get more MPG from my car?

  1. Drive lighter

If you’re on a long trip it’s likely that you will pack your car all the essentials, especially if you’re going on vacation.

The less your car has to carry the better, so if you keep a lot of stuff in your trunk (that doesn’t need to be there) try and have a clear-out before your trip.  An extra 100 lbs. can increase fuel consumption by 1-2%.

  1. Change your air filter

A dirty air filter can impact your miles per gallon by as much as 10%.  When should I change my air filter?

  1. Keep your windows up

It might be harder on a hot day but where possible you should keep your windows up and air con off. Open windows increase drag and aircon makes your engine work harder too..

  1. Find the best speed for your vehicle

Every car has a speed it likes driving at most.  The cars optimum speed or “sweet spot” is usually between 45-55mph and can vary from one car to the next.

Larger cars will reach their sweet spot much faster whereas smaller cars will find it later on.  After your “sweet spot” you’ll start to consume fuel much faster.  Listen to your vehicle and what feels comfortable and you will always save on fuel.

  1. Put your car in cruise control

If you have the option to, put your car into cruise control, it will be far easier to maintain its speed and save on fuel!

  1. Use a synthetic oil additive

Make your fuel go further & increase your MPG with a synthetic oil additive which can increase your mileage by as much as 15%!

  1. Check your tire pressure

It’s always a good idea to check your tire pressure before any long trip, remember tires typically lose 1PSI every month; Ensuring your tires are at the right PSI can increase your miles per gallon by up to 3%.


Preventative maintenance can find areas of your car which could be negatively impacting your MPG & fix things before they become a major costly problem.  If you are soon to be off on a long journey bring your car to Fred’s Auto Centre for a health check. 

Will keep your car in prime-working condition!  Call to Schedule an Appointment – 203-934-7251

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