Engine Repair


Engine repair from trusted local mechanics

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Whether you have a performance issue with your engine, a worn timing belt or something more complex, you can rely on Fred’s Auto Center.
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General Maintenance

The engine houses many components integral to the safe and smooth running of your vehicle. Many of these components need care and attention to keep working as they should. With regular maintenance your engine can continue to operate at its best for far longer, improving fuel economy and reducing the need for more expensive repairs in the future. For general engine servicing bring your vehicle to Fred’s Auto Center in West Haven, CT.

Engine Repair

Modern vehicle engines are very complex machines and as such there many problems that can occur with your engine. Fortunately many modern vehicles will warn you of this before you are even aware there’s a problem. If your vehicle is displaying the “check engine” light, bring it to us for a reliable diagnosis and repair.

Timing Belt Replacement

All timing belts wear eventually, usually after many tens of thousands of miles, however they do wear and even break. If the timing belt breaks completely then your vehicle may brake down. Your manufacturers guide should have its own recommended interval for replacing the timing belt. If you are unsure bring it to us for an inspection.

Head Gasket Repair

The head gasket is another essential component within your vehicles engine. It is located between the cylinders and the cylinder block. The head gasket helps to maintain the pressure generated by the engine and essentially stop it from blowing up. It is also key in helping to maintain the optimum temperature within the engine, this can mean that it is often first to be affected by any overheating problems. A sign of a failing head gasket would be overheating of the engine.

Authorized Jasper Dealer

Give Your Vehicle a New Lease on Life with JASPER. That big oil slick in your driveway or those strange noises from under your hood don’t have to mean you’ll be saddled with a new car payment soon. Instead, your trusted installer at Fred’s Auto Center, LLC can drop in a completely re-manufactured JASPER gas or diesel engine, transmission or differential and get you back on the road again quickly! Call Fred’s Auto Center, LLC at 203-934-7251 to schedule an appointment. Proudly re-manufactured in the U.S.A.

Engine Repair Service in West Haven CT

Whatever your engine problem, Fred’s Auto Center are your trusted auto repair shop in West Haven CT. Whether you need an engine repair or timing belt replacement, call today

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