Undercar Services


Complete Care for the Underside of your Car

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Complete Care for the Underside of your Car

At Fred’s Auto Center we provide everything you need to take care of the underside of your vehicle. All the essential components that keep your vehicle running, from the alignment of your tires to suspension, brakes, chassis, exhaust and more. Whatever your auto problem, bring your car down to Fred’s Auto Center LLC, conveniently located on Platt Ave, West Haven CT. Or call: 203-934-7251 to more about the under car services we provide.

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Our Undercar Services

What are some of the under car services we provide? What are they for and when might you need them?

Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is important to ensure even tire wear, proper handling and most importantly safe handling. Wheels can become misaligned from knocks to curbs, bumps in the road, pot holes and even from wear in your suspension. If you suspect your wheels may need re-aligning, give us a call.

ABS Service

Anti-lock brakes are a very important safety feature on modern vehicles. They help to prevent the wheels from locking up in an emergency situation where you may need to suddenly break or swerve to avoid a collision. If your ABS doesn’t work effectively you could be at more risk of a collision. If the ABS warning light comes on, have the system checked by an experienced professional.


One of the most important safety features of your car. You can’t take risks when it comes to your brakes. If you notice any problems such as spongy brakes, delayed braking, squealing or rubbing, don’t hesitate to give Fred’s Auto Center a call.

Chassis Repair

The chassis is the frame on which the body of the vehicle is mounted. The chassis lends support to several parts under the car, including the engine, suspension, transmission and wheels. Signs of chassis wear include rapid tire wear, poor handling, difficulty steering and clunking noises.

Differential Repair & Maintenance

The differential is what provides power from the engine to the wheels. This power can vary depending on what speed you want to go, hence the name. The differential can control the speed of individual wheels to help turn corners etc.. Signs of a failing differential include loud whirring noises, strange vibrations and leaking oil under the vehicle.


The driveline connects the wheel axles to the engine and transmission. Without a properly working driveline, no power can get to the wheel axles, so in essence your vehicle wont move. Signs of a failing driveline include intense vibrations which may be felt by the passengers as well. You may also notice clunking, rattling or scraping sounds coming from the underside of your vehicle.

Exhaust Repair

A problematic exhaust usually manifests itself with noise. Commonly you may notice a roaring or rattling noise coming from your exhaust, you may also notice a hissing sound, indicating a leak or a chugging sound indicating a blockage.
A healthy exhaust is better for fuel efficiency, better for the environment and generally quieter. Find out about our exhaust repair services.


Your tires are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. The importance of maintaining your tires cannot be underestimated, this includes ensuring adequate tire pressure and tread. When it comes to replacing or maintaining your tires you can count on us for alignment, balancing, rotation, and tire replacement.

Shocks and struts replacement

The shocks and struts are part of your vehicle’s suspension. They help to smooth our bumps in the road, improve handling and generally make for a nicer ride. When you start getting problems with these components you’ll start noticing each bump and pot hole a lot more. Wear to your shocks and struts can also lead to uneven tire wear and your vehicle pulling to one side, which is definitely not safe.