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Auto Heating & Air Conditioning

Feeling a little too much of the summer heat? Is your auto A/C failing to keep you cool? Or freezing in the winter from a failing heater? Drop by Fred’s Auto Center on Platt Avenue, West Haven, 06516. Our mechanics can fully inspect your A/C or vehicle heating. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship at affordable rates.

Contact us to schedule your auto air conditioning repair or auto heater service today! 203-934-7251

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Why a Regular AC Service is Important:

Your vehicle’s heater and A/C become less effective over time due to clogs and wearing parts. Unfortunately they don’t last forever, which is why regular A/C serving is vital to maintain peak performance.

Signs that you may need an Auto AC Repair:

  • Not much difference in temperature from inside to out?
  • Damp, dusty or musty smell when you run the A/C or heater?
  • Heater not keeping you warm enough in the winter?
  • The defroster is slow to take effect.
  • Your A/C stops working when you are stationary or idling.
  • The heating blows cold air or the a/c blows warm air
  • Low airflow even on the top setting.
  • Our complete evaluation of your heating and A/C system includes:
  • Inspecting the internal controls and blower.
  • Testing the pressure of the cooling system
  • Checking radiator, hoses, radiator cap and thermostat
  • Checking compressor belt
  • Checking a/c pressure against manufacturer specs
  • Checking for signs of leaks or deterioration
  • Measuring temperature of the interior air vent
  • Our Auto A/C Services Include:
  • Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Is your auto A/C failing to keep you cool? Perhaps it has a musty smell or blows warm instead of cool air. Our qualified vehicle mechanics have the experience you need to get your A/C back, working at its optimum.

Whether you need a service, repair or complete replacement, visit us for a quality, reliable service.

Fan Belt Replacement

The fan belt/drive belt connects the vehicles engine to the water pump and engine fan. As the name suggests it helps to keep your engine cool. Over time the fan belt can get dry and crack. All belts will need replacing eventually. Without professional inspection it can be hard to tell when it will need replacing. You should consider having it checked between 40,000-70,000 miles as a general rule.

Visit Fred’s Auto Center for a comprehensive check of your vehicle’s belts.

Radiator Service & Replacement

The radiator is part of your vehicle’s cooling system, it helps to keep the engine cool and utilizes coolant to help achieve this. Without an effective radiator your engine can deteriorate fast from overheating. To prevent damage to your engine’s components your radiator should be periodically serviced. For a reliable service from our auto experts, call 203-934-7251

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