Brake repair from trusted local mechanics

At Fred’s Auto Center, we want our customers to feel safe in their vehicle. You can leave the repairs to us, and don’t hesitate to ask us questions about our brake repair or service.

Our Brake Services Includes

All brake pads wear and eventually need replacing. How soon this is depends on many factors, such as how hard you brake. Worn brake pads may mean you need to press the brake down further for them to take effect. When the brake pad wears completely you may notice a squealing or rubbing sound, this is definitely not good for your brakes, it can cause rotor wear and become much more expensive to replace.
As a general rule brake pads should last up to 60,000 miles or more, however if you notice problems. Do not hesitate to bring your vehicle to Fred’s Auto Center for an inspection.
mechanic changing brake discs car service

Caliper Replacement

Calipers surround the brake pads an squeeze them against the rotor to slow or bring the tires to a stop. Signs of a problem with your brake calipers may be your car moving forwards when braking.
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Brake Hose Replacement

The brake hose applies brake fluid to your brakes. If you have damage to your brake hose there may be a delay in the time it takes for your brakes to take effect, in severe cases the brakes may fail entirely. If there are signs of wear you may want to consider a replacement. Your local mechanic can help to identify this during a brake service.

Brake Fluid Flush

ABS Service
Anti-lock brake systems are an invaluable safety feature of modern vehicles. They work by rapidly applying the brakes on and off to prevent skidding. Many modern vehicles come with an ABS warning light to indicate when there may be a problem. Don’t ignore it! Call Fred’s Auto Center to diagnose the problem.