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Auto Electrical Repair in West Haven CT

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Battery run down? Engine not starting? Electrics cutting out? Whatever your auto electrical problem, you can rely on our mechanics at Fred’s Auto Center, LLC to put the problem right. Our experienced technicians take care in providing every customer with a precision details service they can rely on.
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Our Auto Electrical Repair Services

We handle most auto electrical repair problems you would expect, including the standard:

Battery Replacement

The battery is integral to powering the vehicle’s ignition, lights and other electrical. A dead battery means you’re not going far at all, let alone anywhere without lights. If your having to jump start your vehicle, or you notice that the lights are less powerful, you may have a deteriorating battery. At this point you can either choose to have it repaired or replaced, depending on the level of deterioration.
In need of a replacement car battery? Stop by Fred’s Auto Center in West Haven CT. We can fully test your battery capacity and provide a replacement to get you back on the road. Give us a call: 203-934-7251

Starter Repair

The starter initiates the operation of your vehicle’s engine, without the starter your engine won’t run. If you suspect you have a starter problem, contact Fred’s Auto Center located on Platt Avenue, West Haven. We’ll diagnose and repair the problem with your starter so you can get back on the road swiftly and safely.
Visit Fred’s Auto Center, LLC today. Or call: 203-934-7251

Alternator Repair

Your vehicle’s alternator helps to keep your battery charged and ensure that you have enough power to run the lights, radio and other electricals in your car. Signs of alternator problems include dim or flickering lights, growling or whining sounds, as well as a smell of burning rubber. When your alternator is in need of repair or replacement you might also notice a light indicator on your dash. At Fred’s Auto Center we inspect your vehicle to determine whether you need an alternator replacement or simple repair. Call today: 203-934-7251
Got a problem with your vehicle’s electricals? Faulty starter or alternator? Call to schedule a reliable auto electrical repair from Fred’s Auto Center: 203-934-7251

Give us a call at 203-934-7251, and we will be happy to speak with you.

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