Transmission Repair

Transmission fluid leaking? Gears slipping? Check engine light on? It’s time to schedule a transmission repair!

  • Automatic transmissions
  • Manual transmisions
  • Transmission fluid replacement

Whether you car requires manual or automatic transmission repair, you can rely on the the top rated service at Fred’s Auto Center in West Haven to fix the problem. Allow our knowledgeable technicians to fully diagnose the fault and put it right.

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Our competitively priced transmission repair & service includes:

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions are convenient and always work to put the engine into the best gear without any effort from you, but this can mean that they wear out quicker and require repairs.

Call 203-934-7251 to talk to the mechanics at Fred’s Auto Center if you’re experiencing any automatic transmission related problems

Clutch Repair

Did you know, despite the fact automatic cars don’t have a clutch you operate yourself, they still have one? Whether it’s an automatic or manual you drive, there will still be a clutch engaging and disengaging the gears. The clutch is integral to sifting gears smoothly, with overuse your clutch can eventually wear completely. This is more likely in manual cars through driving style but can happen in automatics too since the clutch is constantly engaging. Signs that your vehicle has clutch problems include:

Ability to rev the engine with poor acceleration. Difficulty shifting gears, spongy or sticky clutch pedal and clutch slipping (where you temporarily lose acceleration).

If your clutch starts to slip or feels light and spongy, you may need a replacement. Contact your local transmission shop Fred’s Auto Center to determine if your clutch is worn or not.


Four-Wheel Drive Transmission

Four wheel drive vehicles have more components to the transmission than front or rear wheel only vehicles. With a transfer case providing power to both the front and rear axles. Do you require repair services for a four wheel car or truck? Call Fred’s Auto repair shop.


Front-Wheel Drive Transmission

In front wheel drive vehicles power is only transferred to the front wheels. The transmission sits at the front of the vehicle where the engines power is split between the two wheels. If you suspect you have a transmission problem with a front-wheel drive car, don’t hesitate to contact Fred’s family repair shop located on Platt Avenue, West Haven CT.


Manual Transmission Repair

If your vehicle has a manual transmission and you suspect there are problems, don’t hesitate to bring it to Fred’s Auto Center on Platt Avenue, West Haven. Typically manual transmissions wear less than automatics however still require maintaining. You can rely on our experienced technicians to ensure a safe, long-lasting vehicle.


Transfer Cases

As a component in four wheel drive vehicles the transfer case takes power from the transmission and distributes it between the front and rear axles (via drive shafts).

If you have a problem with your transfer case, the automotive experts at Fred’s Auto Center will put the problem right.


Transmission Replacement

If your transmission is worn beyond the point of repair, you may require a replacement; this can be with a new, used or re-manufactured transmission to name a few options. Our experienced mechanics will help you to make the best decision for your vehicle and within your budget.


Transmission Repair and Rebuild

If you are able to fix your transmission problem with a repair or rebuild you could save yourself on having to pay for a full replacement. Rebuilt transmissions are disassembled outside of the vehicle and worn parts are replaced before put back.

To have this done by specialists, call 203-934-7251 to talk to the mechanics of Fred’s Auto Center, LLC today.


Service, Diagnose and Repair

The transmission is a key component of your vehicle, if it is not working correctly it is important that transmission repair, servicing and diagnosis is taken seriously by an experienced professional.

A standard service for your transmission may include draining transmission fluids and replacing it to help prevent damage to your vehicle. Common problems you may face with your transmission include: Trouble shifting gear, slipping gears, stalling, and fluid leaks below your vehicle. Transmission problems can quickly escalate! Slipping gears for instance can quickly become dangerous on a high-speed road. When this happens it’s time to schedule a repair service.


If you believe that you may need an auto transmission repair, don’t hesitate to schedule a service at Fred’s Auto Center today.  Call: 203-934-7251

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