Almost every parent will have experienced the trauma of a long car journey with bored kids in the back.

If you are soon to be off on a long family road trip & long for a peaceful stress-free drive, try these 10 suggestions for keeping your kids busy and more importantly, quiet! On the way…

  1. Prepare some audiobooks

Plug an audio book into your car stereo or bring an MP3 player and some headphones for private listening.    A good audio book will almost certainly take up most if not all of your trip…

  1. Plan stops

Break up the journey by planning stops along the way, not only can you and your kids stretch your legs but you can use it as an opportunity to make it interesting & exciting!  Try to find interesting places to stop along the way before you head off and where possible plan a stop at minimum every 2-3 hours.

  1. Take sweets & snacks

Being stuck on a long car journey is never fun when you’re hungry.  Take sweets and turn it into a game like, who can suck their sweet the longest?

  1. Who can spot the yellow car?

Just as It sounds, there are plenty of variants to the game, just pick a color car your kids need to look out for.  Whoever spots the most, wins!

  1. Keep charging cables in your car..

A modern essential, make sure your children’s hand held games consoles, phones & iPad have enough battery.  It’s always helpful to keep spare cables in your car, they’re not too expensive either..

  1. Comfy pillows

Make sure you take comfy pillows so your kids are comfortable enough to take a nap if they want to.  Journeying can be pretty tiring!

  1. I-Spy

The old classic is always a good way to pass some time and makes a good change from smartphones & other screens..

  1. Hold your breath!

Does your route pass through any tunnels?  Challenge your kids to hold their breath and see who can last the longest?

  1. Treasure hunt

This requires a little preparation before your journey but can keep your kids busy on any long road trip.

Write a list of objects and landmarks that are or might be on your route and get your children to look out for when they see one.  Each object they spot can be marked off on their sheet until they have found them all.  Overall a simple, but effective method of keeping kids busy on a long car journey, plus they can learn the history/geography of the area too..

  1. Books, crayons, coloring books, magazines

You could put together a small pack of toys, games and food for your kids, allow them to choose their favorite book, magazine or toy so that they have plenty to keep them occupied on your long journey.

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