How do you know when your brakes need a service?  It’s a pretty important question that we should all know the answer to.  If your brakes stop working then you could be in some serious trouble.

If you think there might be a problem with your brakes or you just want to know what to look out for.

5 Signs your brakes need a service:

Your car veers while braking

If your car is veering to one side while braking and seems to have a “mind of its own”, you should get it checked out right away.  A car that is veering or “pulling” is quite a dangerous situation to be in for you & for other road users.

You should be aware that veering is not always a problem with the brakes, for example it could be because of an inbalance with your tire inflation levels or could be caused by worn tires.

Avoid driving until you can get your brakes checked out by a specialist.

The brakes are grinding

If your brakes are grinding (you might feel a crunching feeling below your feet) then it probably means your brake pads have completely worn down.

At this point your brake discs could be seriously damaged and should be checked out as soon as possible.  If you’re noticing grinding when touching the brakes call your local repair shop to schedule a service, avoid driving unless absolutely necessary.

The brakes squeal

Squealing brakes tend to be at the point where your brakes can be serviced before serious damage is done to your brakes.   Don’t delay when you notice a squealing noise when braking, the sooner you bring your vehicle in for inspection the better for the health of your brakes, your car and your wallet!

The Brakes don’t engage correctly

If you are having to press your foot to the floor before getting any engagement from your brakes then you should get your brakes checked out.

The Brake pedal vibrates

If your brake pedal is vibrating with normal braking conditions then it could be a sign that your brakes need a service.


Do your brakes need a service?

If you think your car is experiencing any of the above problems don’t hesitate, call Fred’s Auto Repair: 203-934-7251.

We are specialists in brake repair including: Brake pads, caliper replacement, brake fluid flushes, Anti-lock brake systems & more..

We will fully diagnose your vehicle to provide a repair you can fully trust.  Our repair center is located at: 244 Platt Ave West Haven, CT 06516


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