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Your trusted local garage

Fred’s Auto Center are your local, full service car and truck garage. We provide everything you need to keep your car or truck working smoothly, including preventative maintenance .

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Our Maintenance Services:

Our preventitive auto maintenance services include:

Factory Recommended Service

Our family run garage has many years experience providing factory recommended services for all kinds of import and export models. We use the latest technology to accurately identify areas of concern and to provide you with a reputable service.

General Tune-Ups

This includes by is not limited to:
Our mechanics help keep your car or truck in top working condition. Schedule a tune up today, Call: 203-934-7251

Oil Change, Lube, and Filter

All vehicles should regularly have oils checked, topped up or replaced. Engine oil is vital for safeguarding the health and performance of your vehicle, helping to keep internal components clean, cool and lubricated. Even if you have your oil topped up, it may still need replacing. This is because over time engine oil picks up contaminants and becomes less effective. The recommended interval for oil changes is around every 3,000 miles.

Do you need to schedule an oil change? Call today: 203-934-7251