Do you have a hybrid vehicle but you are not sure how often to change the oil?

Hybrid vehicles use a regular combustion engine as well as an electric battery; so they still use oil in the same way traditional vehicles do.  The oil in the engine needs changing just as a non-hybrid; it needs changing to keep components running smoothly, prevent the need for repairs and ensure optimum performance.

For hybrids, the guidance is pretty much the same as regular vehicles:

  • Follow the manufacturers recommendations
  • Consider oil age as well as miles
  • A general rule would be to change every 5,000-7,000 miles

The best advice is always to follow your manufacturers handbook for the optimum oil change interval.

Hybrid vehicles vary from those with large plug-in batteries (and less reliance on the combustion engine) and vehicles with smaller batteries (with more reliance on the combustion engine).

With a small battery there may be little difference in how frequently you change your oil compared to an ordinary vehicle.  With a plug-in hybrid that has a large battery then you could probably drive a lot more miles before you need an oil change.  Either way you should still have an annual service to ensure the safe and efficient running of the vehicle overall.  Like regular non-electric vehicles an oil change interval of 5,000-10,000 miles may be appropriate, but always go with whatever the manufacturer says.

If you don’t have your manufacturers handbook you can find a digital PDF version online.


To schedule an oil change for your hybrid vehicle in West Haven, visit Fred’s Auto Center on 244 Platt Ave, West Haven, CT, 06516.

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