Tire pressure is one of those things that needs constant maintaining.  You might do this yourself, have a partner that does it or wait until you fill up at a full-service gas station.  However you choose to keep on top of your tire pressure and however often it is important to be aware of the difference between high and low PSI.

It is easy to fill up more or less air in your tires then they might need.  If you’re not 100% certain on the correct pressure is it better to go higher or lower?


Lower PSI comes with more risks

  • Decreased traction
  • Greater pressure on the tires sidewalls
  • Increased risk of explosion

Between low and high tire pressure, having less air in your tires is definitely worse for them.  They can wear out quicker, handling will be decreased and there is a greater chance of them blowing.


High PSI is not risk free 

  • Greater risk of damage from pot holes or curbs
  • Bumps and dips in road will be felt more
  • Can wear unevenly (over-inflated tires tend to bulge in the middle)

Although low tire pressure is worse for your vehicle, high PSI is not risk free either.


Can you over-inflate a tire?

Tires are specifically designed so that they do not burst when over inflated.  It is technically possible but you would need to inflate the tire to around PSI or more; this is not going to happen unless you deliberately inflate it that high.  Over-inflated tires can burst, but it would not be due only to their extra inflation, but due to deterioration or other factors.  If there are weaknesses in the tire then excess air would likely leak through these gaps.


What is the best PSI?

The best pressure for your tires will always be the figure set in your manufacturers handbook.  As a general rule most cars require between 32-35 PSI.  Front and rear tires sometimes have different requirements depending on the weight distribution of the vehicle.

If you cannot locate your owners manual you can search online to figure out the pressure you need.  Edmunds have a helpful list.


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