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Failed your emissions test? Is your muffler making loud noises? Bring your vehicle down to Fred’s Auto Center on Platt Avenue, Milford for a trusted inspection, service and repair.

Exhausts are important for a whole range of functions, not least limiting the impact on the environment. They help to keep cars quiet, muting and directing loud sounds away from the car; they also improve efficiency by swiftly directing gasses away so that the engine can take in more oxygen for better performance.

Do you Need a Muffler Repair or Service?

  • Vibrating/shaking
  • Loud bangs, hissing, rumbling sounds
  • Rust signs
  • Hanging muffler
  • Failed your emissions test?

Emissions test due?

The muffler plays a crucial role in how emissions are emitted from the vehicle. In Connecticut, all vehicles manufactured after 1995 and prior to 2017 must undergo an emissions test every two years. Signs of corrosion, wear, punctures and rust can all be causes of emission test failure. A muffler inspection, repair or replacement can help to ensure you pass this test.

Don’t miss your emissions test! You should receive an official notification notice (postcard) within 45 days before your vehicle’s test due date. But you can also check your due date by entering your VIN number on the CT Emissions website.

What’s Included in a Muffler Service?

  • Full examination of muffler, and mounting
  • Check of air sensors
  • Check the catalytic converter (important in redirecting harmful emissions)
  • Re-mount if loose
  • Replace muffler if necessary

Muffler Repair or Replacement?

Often it’s possible to repair a problematic exhaust instead of paying out for a full replacement. Some garages will simply swap the muffler out at the first sign of trouble, others who specialize in muffler repairs however can often recommend a reliable repair that saves you time and money. Repair techniques can include welding, bending custom pipes and other specialist techniques.

What Causes Muffler Damage?

The most common cause for mufflers to get damaged is from developing holes from rust. This rust forms on the exterior and then works it’s way through the interior. This is simply a byproduct of condensation and exposure to salt and other minerals picked up from the muffler being exposed to the ground and air. For those that live close to the sea this can be more problematic. Exhausts also often pick up excess salt in the wintertime. You can help to prevent rust by cleaning the underside of your car from time to time, however, all exhausts will eventually degrade with time.

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