A manual transmission vehicle provides a different driving experience than an automatic one. It is believed that driving a manual transmission vehicle requires better driving skills. However, many manual vehicle drivers tend to make common mistakes that can prove detrimental to their vehicles in the long run. There are some rules to follow and things you should never do when operating a manual transmission vehicle. This can prevent premature wear of the clutch and damage to the transmission. Here is a list of detrimental habits that you should avoid when operating a manual transmission vehicle:  

Leave the vehicle in gear at the red light 

When we are stopped at the traffic lights, some of us inadvertently wait with the clutch down, gear engaged, and foot on the brake. This is the worst thing you can do to your vehicle. It not only puts unnecessary strain on your legs but also wears out your clutch. It is best to leave your vehicle in neutral and, if required, apply the handbrake.  

Shifting gears without engaging the clutch 

The primary function of the clutch is to engage and disengage the connection between the transmission and the engine. When you press down the clutch pedal, the clutch disengages and separates the engine’s power from the transmission. Not engaging the clutch while shifting gears can damage the car’s transmission.  

Driving in half clutch 

When driving in high-traffic areas, the clutch is engaged and disengaged often. However, doing this consistently will eventually kill your clutch. When driving in a high-traffic zone. Drivers tend to operate the car with their clutch half depressed. When you do this, the clutch rubs against the flywheel and produces heat. This can reduce the lifespan of the pressure plate as well as the clutch.  

Leaving the car in neutral when parked 

In automatic transmission vehicles, ‘Park’ is engaged when the car is parked. However, this does not happen in manual cars and many drivers leave the car in neutral when parked. This can cause damage in the long run. One must always engage the first or reverse gear when parking the vehicle. It is also recommended that you apply the parking brake, especially when parking on a slope.  

Rest your hand on the gear lever 

Many drivers tend to rest their hands on the gear level while driving. This can cause significant premature wear on the gears because when you rest your hand on the gear stick, it can put pressure on the shift fork and push it into the collar. This is why it is recommended that you always keep your hands on the steering wheel when driving and not put any unnecessary pressure on the gear shifter.  

Downshifting when the RPM is high 

When you drive a manual transmission vehicle, you can listen to the engine RPM and adjust the gear accordingly. When the RPM is higher, it indicates that the vehicle is producing more power and that you need to shift to a higher gear. If you do the opposite, i.e., downshift when the RPM is high, it will make the engine work harder and cause overheating. On the other hand, upshifting when the RPM is low can cause the tachometer to drop and make the vehicle stop.  

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can extend the life of your vehicle transmission and enhance the driving experience and safety. If you are facing any issues with your vehicle transmission, let our mechanics have a look, and they provide a prompt diagnosis and quick repair.  

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