Wheel alignment is something that very few of us think about, until we have a problem.  Many vehicle owners are unaware of the benefits of wheel alignment.

In actual fact the alignment of your wheels can have a big impact on the rest of your vehicle. Bad alignment can lead to tire wear, suspension problems and poor fuel economy.

What causes bad wheel alignment?

Poor alignment can be caused by various knocks and bumps, particularly if you hit a pothole or curb.  You may be unaware that your tires are out of alignment which is why it is a good idea to have them checked by an experienced mechanic.

How often is alignment required?

Wheel Alignment BenefitsWheel alignment is the process of aligning your wheel angles relative to one another.  There is no specific timeframe that it’s required, however many mechanics suggest a service every 2-3 years.  Getting your wheels realigned is particularly important if your vehicle has wide or “sporty” tires, such as an: Audi, BMW, Mazda 3, Nissan 370Z.

What are the benefits of wheel alignment?

Wondering whether to have your wheels realigned?

  • Your vehicle will handle better – Bad alignment can cause your vehicle to pull to one side,
  • Your tires will last longer – Bad alignment can cause your tires to wear more than they should, getting your wheels aligned will help to keep your tires in good condition longer.
  • Better fuel economy – Properly aligned tires reduce rolling resistance which causes your car to work harder and burn more fuel.
  • Less wear on other parts – If your wheels are out of alignment it can have an effect on the rest of your steering system too.


Wheel Alignment in West Haven, CT

Have you hit a curb recently? Is your vehicle driving off center? Looking for a wheel alignment service?  Call Fred’s Auto Repair in West Haven, CT: 203-934-7251


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