The days are getting shorter & winter will soon be upon us.  If this winter is anything like last, especially in the Connecticut and NY area, you will want to be prepared.

Thick snow can develop when you least expect it, causing potential hazards & problems you aren’t prepared for.  According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, over 500,000 accidents each year are caused by snow, ice & sleet.

Having a winter emergency kit in your car could help you get out of a tricky situation, and even save somebody’s life.

You may have already seen our Emergency Roadside Kit Checklist, this time we’re focusing on what you need to keep in your car for winter weather.

What should you keep in a winter emergency kit?

  1. Ice Scraper – A must have for every vehicle owner, an ice scraper will help you clear your windscreen far quicker than your car heater!
  2. Plenty of Blankets & Warm Clothing – Keep blankets, scarves & gloves in your emergency kit.  If you need to perform any checks or repairs on your vehicle in the cold, you will want something warm to wear.
  3. Long Lasting Food & Water – Non perishable food like energy bars are something you will thank yourself for keeping if you get stuck in the snow.  It’s important to keep hydrated & avoid losing vital calories.  Something to eat & drink will help keep you satisfied until help arrives.
  4. Hazard lights / Reflectors – Viability in vital in the dark & dull winter weather, it’s a good idea to keep some reflective hazard lights/triangles to alert other drivers of your presence.
  5. Phone Charger – Mobile phones are an essential lifeline in any breakdown situation, but only if they have enough charge! Keep a spare charger in your vehicle to make sure you’ve always got enough battery.  You can pick up a car charger for around $7 on Amazon. If you breakdown in the CT/Greater NY area keep Fred’s Auto Center in your phonebook – 203-934-7251, we will tow your car back to our repair center in West Haven CT.
  6. Compact Shovel – Obviously a full sized shovel is a bit of a space stealer in the back of your car.  Fortunately there are plenty of small, foldable options around.  Keeping one of these in your emergency kit will keep your vehicle moving when the show gets really thick!
  7. Sand, Grit or Cat Litter – When your car is struggling to get traction in the snow or ice, sand grit or even non-clumping cat litter can help.  Keep some in a small container & when needed spread evenly on the road to get traction again.
  8. Tow Strap – If the sand, grit or cat litter isn’t enough to get you moving, you may need a tow from another driver.  Keep a strong tow strap in your emergency kit k & always secure to strong areas of each vehicle (not the bumper).
  9. Tire Chains – Drivers who regularly drive in snowy conditions may want to invest in tire chains.  Always make sure you get the correct chains for your tires/vehicle.
  10. Fuel Container – One of the most common reasons drivers break down is from running out of fuel.  Store a collapsible fuel container in your emergency kit & you will save yourself from a cold hike to the nearest gas station.

Extra Things to Keep in Your Emergency Kit

  • First Aid Kit
  • Wind Up Flashlight
  • Antifreeze
  • Jump Cables
  • Hand Warmers

Keep these items in your winter emergency kit and be prepared all winter long.


Winter Vehicle Maintenance in CT

Why not bring your vehicle in for a winter check-up?  Ask about our winter special

  • Complete oil change and filter
  • Drain and fill Coolant
  • Check battery
  • Check anti-freeze
  • Rotate tires


Call Fred’s Auto Repair in West Haven, CT: 203-934-7251.

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