When it comes to preventing costly repair or replacement on your vehicle your timing belt/cam belt is easily the most important serviceable part of your car’s engine.

If your vehicle’s timing belt breaks you could be looking at a costly engine repair or expensive fix costing $100’.  In some cases the timing belt is nestled between several engine parts which need removing to perform a repair/replacement.
A timing belt inspection however is much simpler, Fred’s Auto Center can assess the condition of your timing belt and if required provide a repair before the belt breaks & costs you a whole lot more…

How to tell if the timing belt needs replacing

Unfortunately there aren’t any obvious signs the cam belt needs replacing without an trained expert looking under the hood.  If you are concerned about any unusual noises coming from your vehicle however don’t hesitate to schedule a health check with Fred’s Auto Repair


ALWAYS check the timing belt on used cars

If you have purchased a used car or do so in the future one of the most important checks you can make is the date the cambelt was last changed, or when it’s next service is due.

Check your owners manual to see when the belt needs to be changed and if it is due for replacement don’t delay!  A broken timing belt while the vehicle is running can cause serious damage to your engine..


When should the timing belt be replaced?

It’s best to check your vehicle’s owners manual, the recommendation might be at a certain mileage or time interval.

As a rough guide this is usually every 50,000-100,000 miles or 5 years.

If you are in doubt speak to Fred’s Auto Center to schedule an inspection.


In need of a replacement?

Drop your vehicle into our repair center without delay! Call to schedule an appointment: 203-934-7251

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