Nothing is more aggravating than your car AC failing in the middle of summer

Summer is the perfect weather for road trips with family and friends. However, the whole experience is ruined if your car AC fails to blow cold air in scorching heat. It is important that before you set out on a long road trip, you should check if your car AC is working properly or not. Here are some of the most common reasons why your car AC is failing to keep you cool this summer:

Dirty condenser coils

During summers, the roads are typically dusty and there are fine particles floating in the air. These particles may collect on the condenser coil and affect heat expulsion from the air conditioning system. The car’s AC will continue to operate with overheated refrigerant but eventually the compressor will no longer be able to keep up and the AC will start expelling hot air,

Refrigerant running low

If your car AC refrigerant is running low despite a recent refrigerant refill or the car being new, it is likely that you have a leak. It may happen after an accident or when the AC hose leaks from the joints.

Faulty compressor

The AC compressor is what keeps the system running and if it malfunctions, the AC refrigerant will not circulate properly and will blow hot air inside the cabin. This can happen when you start your AC after a long time (after 2-3 months). If the air compressor is not engaging, it could be due to low refrigerant levels or an electrical issue within the compressor. Overheating can also cause the compressor to malfunction.

Condenser issues

If there is something wrong with the condenser, your AC will fail to keep your vehicle cool. The condenser takes the humid air in the compressor and depressurizes, cools, and liquifies the air. If there is an issue with the condenser, the air conditioning will not cool as much.

Broken cooling fans

Your vehicle uses cooling fans to circulate refrigerated air into the cabin. If there is a problem with the cooling fans, you will not feel any air coming out of the vents. There are several issues that can affect the cooling fans. These include electrical short, physical damage by debris, blown fuses, and more.

Electrical issues

There are several types of electrical problems that can affect your car’s air conditioning system. These include a blown fuse, problem with control module, failed switches, and more. Short fuses can cause the AC to stop working and a loose connection can cause an electrical short.

Improper lubrication

During summer, improper lubrication of the compressors can strain the air conditioning system can cause the compressor to fail.

Malfunctioning blend air door

The blend air door switches hot to cool air in your car air conditioning unit. If the blend door is faulty, the AC can keep expelling warm air.

Damaged compressor belt

The AC’s compressor needs a lot of energy and power to work properly. If the compressor becomes worn out or weak due to constant usage, it can cause a noticeable loss of energy in compressor, which in turn can the AC to malfunction. A weak compressor belt will not be able to drive the energy and power functioning in your vehicle and the air conditioner will not work as expected.

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