About to go on a long road trip?  Wondering what checks you need to make before you leave?  Checking your car before a long road trip could save you having an needed breakdown or holiday drama!


Checking your car before a long road trip

Tip 1: Get your emergency kit together

If you don’t already have one in your trunk put an emergency kit together before you head off on your road trip.  We have put together a emergency roadside checklist so you don’t miss anything.


Tip 2: Fill up your washer fluid

You never know when you might need it, you don’t want to be stuck with a dirty windscreen halfway through your journey.


Tip 3: Check your tire tread

Checking your tires before a long road trip is a must! They are the only contact your car has with the road so must be working at their best!  Follow our simple guide to choosing the right tires and checking your tire tread.


Tip 4: Check your tire pressure

Again you should definitely check your tires have the correct amount of PSI, make sure your tire pressure matches the figure recommended in your owner’s manual or check your tires optimum PSI online.


Tip 5: Check your oil

Having enough oil in your engine is essential, at very least you be checking your engine oil once per month and it’s a must before a long road trip.

Test your oil when your engine is cold using your cars dipstick, alternatively Fred’s Auto Repair can check and re-fill your oil as part of our standard service.


Tip 6: Check your battery

You don’t want to be stuck on the roadside unable to start your engine.  Before you head off on your trip run your engine for a while to charge the battery, you might also want to consider a battery health check from your local garage.


Tip 7: Check your brakes

Like your tires your brakes are your best defense at having a collision, if they aren’t working effectively you’ve got a serious problem.  Schedule an appointment with Fred’s Auto Center for a reliable brake check.


Tip 8: Check your lights

Get someone to help you test all of your lights for you, go through each one at a time: Indicators, brakes, dip, full-beam and fog lights.


Tip 9: Check your coolant

Fill your car up with 50% water & 50% anti-freeze although you must wait for the engine to be cool.


Tip 10: Check your fan belt

If your fan belt breaks while your car is running your engine could stop working altogether.  Your fan belt may need replacing if you notice a prolonged shrieking sound while your car is moving.


There you have it! By passing each of these checks successfully your car should be in great shape to take you off on your road trip.

Need to bring your car in for a health check?  Call Fred’s Auto Center at: 203-934-7251 Or put in a request for an appointment.

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