5 Signs That You Need To replace your car battery

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The car battery is one of the most important components. It provides electrical power to start the vehicle, supplies additional current when the charging system is unable to keep up with electrical demand and acts as a voltage stabilizer for the vehicle’s charging system. Obviously, batteries are not meant to last forever. They need to be replaced from time to time.

Signs That Indicate The Need For Car Battery Replacement

Battery age

If your car battery is over three years old, it is likely that it will need replacement soon. Repeat charging and discharging cycles, and other factors such as extremely hot and cold climates can cause batteries to exhaust over time. Once it has lived past its usual average age of 3-4 years, it will need replacement. The lifespan can vary depending on the battery brand, climate, driving patterns, maintenance of the vehicle, vehicle type, and other factors.

Difficulty turning over the engine

The most obvious sign that the battery might be wearing out is if the vehicle is difficult to start. As the car battery ages, its components wear out and may become less effective and the battery may take longer to receive a charge from the alternator. This can cause a delay of a few seconds or more for the engine to start. The moment you notice this problem, you should have your battery checked and if required, replaced. Do not wait till it’s completely dead.

Flickering lights

The earliest sign of a weakening battery is the dimming or flickering of interior lights, headlights, parking lights, and brake lights. When the battery drains out, it is unable to generate enough electrical power to run the electronics in the car. When you notice that the car lights are flickering or dimmer than usual, do not ignore the problem. Dim headlights can pose a threat to you as well as to others you share the road with.

A strange, sulfurous smell

A failing car battery can cause a strange odor in your car. This smell is comparable to the rotten egg smell and it indicates that the battery is leaking gas. If the batteries become damaged, the sulphuric acid can leak out and corrode other parts of the vehicle. So, the battery should be replaced before it can cause damage to other components, which can be very expensive to repair. If you notice a strange, rotten egg-like smell in your car, have your vehicle inspected by a repair technician immediately.

The battery doesn’t cope well with seasonal challenges

When the harsh winter kicks in, your battery’s chemical reaction may slow down and drain the battery. Also, in cold weather, your vehicle needs more power to start. While newer batteries can combat these challenges with ease, older and worn-out batteries can struggle. Similarly, in when the weather is very hot, the water in your battery’s fluids can begin to evaporate and cause battery corrosion. If your vehicle’s battery is struggling to combat seasonal changes, you may consider replacing it.
Another tell-tale sign that the battery needs replacement is when it looks misshapen or bloated. With exposure to extreme temperatures, the battery might go through some changes.
These are just some of the signs that your car battery might be breathing its last. Watch out for these signs and take your car to an auto repair shop as soon as you notice a problem. You don’t want to get stranded due to a dead battery so replace it before it causes you any serious trouble. If you are experiencing battery issues, contact our auto repair experts right away, and we will take of it.

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