As a vehicle owner there’s a lot to think about when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.  For many of us, an air conditioning service is low on our priority list. In fact we may not even realize that our air conditioning is in need of repair.

Over time the air conditioning in most cars will begin to lose performance, and in some cases fail completely.  After long periods of inactivity the air conditioning can suffer from a build up of bacteria and lost fas.  This causes the A/C to work harder, using more fuel and costing you more money!

Do I need an air conditioning service?

Most manufacturers recommend a service for your air conditioning every 3 years.   If your air conditioning is not working as well as normal, or produces unpleasant odours, it may be time to schedule a repair.

4 Reasons to Consider an Air Conditioning ServiceAir Conditioning Service in CT

  1. Prevents build up of harmful bacteria, containments and spores.  Over time your air conditioning can build up with bad bacteria that circulates through your vents, a full service will clean the whole system.
  2. Removes bad odours from your A/C – If your air conditioning has not been used in some time, it may begin to produce bad smelling odours, this can be fixed with an a/c service.
  3. Keeps your air conditioning working for longer, if your air conditioning is showing signs of poor performance, it may be on the way out.  Rather than waiting for the system to stop working altogether, a service will ensure your a/c continues to work at its best.
  4. Increases your cars resale value – Having your air conditioning serviced is something to add to your service history book.  Showing potential buyers that your car has been well looked after.

Air Conditioning Service in CT

Is your air conditioning not working as well as it used to? Is the air not as cool as normal? Fred’s Auto Center offer reliable air conditioning repair and servicing in West Haven, CT.  To arrange a service call today:  203-934-7251.


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