The Problem With Engine Sludge and How to Avoid it

Engine Sludge

They say that you should change your oil every 3000, 5000 miles or some other figure depending on your vehicle and usage.  But time is an equally important factor.  Over time older engine oil can become sludgy.  And sludgy oil is bad for your engine for a number of reasons.  Let’s look at why: Sludge […]

DIY Oil Change Mistakes

Changing Oil

Oil changes are one of the most important maintenance tasks for any vehicle owner.  It is one of the few tasks that you can do yourself, without the need for a professional mechanic.  But while oil changes are relatively straightforward if you have a bit of knowledge and confidence, it’s not uncommon for people to […]

How to Choose the Best Motor Oil

Synthetic oil.png

There are many different choices for motor oil available today. Between conventional, synthetic, blend, and high mileage oils, it can be confusing to choose the best one for you. It is important to keep in mind vehicle age and mileage, your driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Let’s discuss the different types of oil and […]

Is Your Car Overdue an Oil Change?

changine oil 1

Don’t remember when your last oil change was? It’s easy to take things for granted when your car seems to run normally; soon enough you’ve driven several thousand miles over your recommended oil change schedule. This isn’t ideal, as the “lifeblood of your engine” clean and fresh engine oil helps to keep parts from grinding […]

Does Engine Oil Quality Matter?

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If you believe in looking after your vehicle then you need to be mindful of what you’re putting in it.  Car engines work really hard; good oil is essential to keeping it healthy and working well for a long time. Your car’s engine has a lot of moving parts – most of them metal; those […]

How Often Does a Hybrid Need an Oil Change?

Oil Change.jpg 2

Do you have a hybrid vehicle but you are not sure how often to change the oil? Hybrid vehicles use a regular combustion engine as well as an electric battery; so they still use oil in the same way traditional vehicles do.  The oil in the engine needs changing just as a non-hybrid; it needs […]

Why are Oil Changes so Important?

If your car needs no other maintenance, it will need an oil change – among other things. How often you do this will depend on your vehicle and how much you drive it. Cars are more efficient then they used to be but the oil still needs changing. Age is an important factor just as […]

5 Tips to Smarter Oil Changes

Oil changes are one of the most important maintenance tasks for your vehicle.  They help to keep the engine, running smoothly and safely and without risking damage.  Where there’s a need, there are often people out to make a quick buck, don’t listen to them; arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make smart […]