How To Drive More Economically

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These days many of us are looking to save money any way we can.  Although fuel consumption has a lot to do with the type of vehicle you own, there is a lot that car owners can do to drive more economically. Not only will driving more economically help the environment but it will go […]

Tips to Save Money & Avoid Expensive Auto Repairs

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Vehicles are very complex machines; they need regularly looking after & if you don’t take proper steps to maintain them, you could soon find yourself paying for a costly repair. The best way to prevent expensive auto repairs is to invest in what’s called preventative maintenance. Regular small checks & fixes might cost you money […]

10 Ways to get more MPG on a long journey

Want to get more MPG from your car & save money?  If you’re soon off on a long journey there’s plenty of ways to make you can make your fuel last longer with little effort at all. How can I get more MPG from my car? Drive lighter If you’re on a long trip it’s likely […]