During these uncertain times, we want to make all our customers aware that we are taking a number of measures to keep everyone safe.  Staff at our garage, customers and their vehicles have been carefully considered in our Coronavirus policy which will be kept in place until further notice.


1. We start by making sure that all contact points are continuously sanitized throughout the day. Phones, the counter, parts of your car that we touch, water fountains, door handles, restrooms, are all addressed. 

2. All our employees wash their hands on a regular basis. They conform with the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations when they do. 

3. Your safety is our most important objective. We strive to prevent your exposure to any air or contact borne bacteria or viruses.

4. We know that you depend on your vehicles. We advise that you keep your scheduled services and repairs that are due and not overlook issues that you are currently having with your car or truck.


If you have any questions or concerns about how how we service your vehicle during the Coronavirus crisis, please give us a call: 203-934-7251

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