These days car owners are deciding to keep their vehicles for longer than ever. Many of us don’t want the expense of buying a new car, so we look for ways of extending the life of our existing vehicles.

Whatever age your car is, the advice is always the same, regular maintenance.  What should you do when it comes to maintaining a car with high mileage?  What checks do you need to make and when?

Maintaining a Car with High Mileage

Extend the life of your vehicle with these car maintenance tips:

Change Your Oil Regularly

Changing your oil is a simple way to keep your engine in good health, especially for an older vehicle.  It is recommended that you change your oil and filter every 3,000 miles.

Wash the Underside of Your Vehicle

You might think about washing the outside of your car, but many vehicle owners forget the underneath.  This is where salt and other sediment can build up while you drive.  Over time this can cause rest and deterioration on the underside of your car.

Wax the Exterior of Your Car

Protect your paintwork with a wax each time you wash your car (ideally wax every 6 months).

Replace the Air Filter & Timing Belt

Once your vehicle reaches 60,00 miles you should start to think about replacing your air filter and timing belt.  If your timing belt breaks it could cost serious damage to your engine, costing you much more than simply replacing it.  Your air filter helps to keep your engine free from dust, dirt and debris and helps to keep your engine running smoothly. To schedule a timing belt inspection or replacement in West Haven, CT, contact Fred’s Auto Repair.

Flush Your Cooling System

The cooling system should be flushed every 2 years, this will help to prevent damage from corrosion and sediment build up which could increase the chances of a breakdown.

Replace Your Spark Plugs

If spark plugs haven’t been replaced for a long time it can lead to ignition problems and a potential breakdown.  It is advised that you replace your spark plugs every 30,000 miles to prevent problems.   For a spark plug replacement in West Haven, CT, contact Fred’s Auto Repair.


Maintaining a car with high mileage is about being proactive and keeping an eye out for things that might go wrong.  Even if it seems like a small issue, it is worth having things checked out before they become an even bigger problem.  Look out for anything unusual with your vehicle, such as leaking fluids or strange sounds.


For a reliable service for your high mileage car, call Fred’s Auto Center in West Haven CT: 203-934-7251

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