Signs That Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

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Seven signs for suspension repair

Your car’s suspension is like a carriage on which the main cabin sits. It is a protective framework of shock-absorbing components such as dampers and springs. The suspension absorbs impacts from road bumps and ensures that the drive is smooth and safe. Over time, rough roads can take a toll on your vehicle and tear up the shocks and struts. It can cause the vehicle to ride stiff and bouncy, and it may start making odd noises. If you notice any of these signs, it indicates that your car needs suspension repair. Here is some more detail:

Squeaking noises when driving over bumps

If you hear loud squeaking or screeching noises when your car goes over bumps on the road, it could be a sign that the shock absorbers are worn. The moment you start hearing these noises, you should have the suspension checked. If ignored for too long, the car will become more difficult to control.

Car lunges forward when you brake

If your car dips forward whenever you apply brakes, it is a sign that your suspension needs repair. Some degree of lunging forward is normal for every car, especially when sudden brakes are applied. However, when it becomes too much, you should have your suspension checked.


When your car goes over a pothole, speed bump, or any other obstacle on the road, it is normal for it to bounce slightly. However, when the vehicle continues to bounce for some time after hitting the obstacle, it could be a sign of a suspension problem, such as worn shocks or damaged springs.
The typical sign of worn-out suspension is a continuous bumpy ride. When that happens, driving over small potholes or undulations becomes a challenging task. If you feel like riding an old roller coaster while driving, there is the possibility that there is a problem with the piston-cylinder assembly. If you notice these signs, take your car for suspension repair immediately.

Difficulty steering

The suspension should maintain stability when the vehicle is in motion. If you feel your vehicle is drifting when you take a turn or have difficulty steering the vehicle, it could be a sign that shocks and struts are worn down. Your vehicle may sway, rock, or feel wobbly during sharp turns or when driving through crosswinds. When this happens, you should have your suspension repaired at the earliest.

Uneven tire wear

It is normal for the tires to wear down over time. However, the wearing should be even. If you notice that the tire treads are wearing in a wavy manner or there are bald patches on the tire, it could be a sign of bad suspension. When the suspension goes bad, the wheels may become improperly aligned, which can cause irregular wearing patterns on the tire treads. The tires won’t properly connect with the road, so you will experience more bouncing, vibrating, and shaking. You will have to get both your tires and suspension repaired.

The vehicle pulls to one side.

Your vehicle is designed in a way that it perfectly balances weight on both sides, and you are able to drive smoothly even on an uneven surface. If you notice that your car drifts to one side when driving, it either indicates poor wheel alignment or bad suspension. It is best to let a mechanic have a look and diagnose the problem correctly and carry out necessary repairs.

Wet or oily shocks and struts

If your shocks, struts, and dampers appear wet and have a lot of oil on them, your system may leak. It is a sign that the seals are broken, and you need to replace these parts.
Do you think your vehicle’s suspension needs work? Bring your vehicle to us and let our team have a look. We will assess and resolve any issues you face with your vehicle’s suspension.

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