A transmission rebuild for your vehicle is a job you’ll want to entrust with the most qualified transmission mechanic. A professional mechanic will do the job right the first time, and only do it if it’s entirely necessary. Of course a transmission rebuild is a step-up from a standard transmission repair but a step down from a full replacement. You want to be sure that you’re getting the right service for your needs. So here’s a few questions you can ask to be sure that everything will run smoothly for you:


  1. Are you rebuilding my existing transmission or replacing it with a new one?

This will depend on what’s best for your vehicle based on their inspection and your preferences as well. Typically, a new transmission is more reliable and less-labor intensive. But if they decide to rebuild the existing transmission, ensure they conduct a thorough inspection beforehand.


  1. Does your service come with a warranty?

Ask the transmission rebuild mechanic if they provide warranty for replacement, repairs, or service. This will help you purchase their services with confidence knowing that you’re covered in case something goes wrong.


  1. What does the warranty cover?

You’ll need to find out specifically what is covered to avoid surprises later on. Let the technician explain the terms of your warranty in detail as well as the length of the warranty. If they don’t provide that information, ask, your totally within your rights to do so.


  1. Is the warranty transferable?

This could prove beneficial when the time to sell your vehicle comes or if you intend to transfer ownership to a family member or friend in the future. Any potential purchaser will likely want to know the service history, and a transmission re-build is something they’d want to know about. The confidence that the warranty transfers with the sale could help you to seal the deal when it comes to selling your vehicle on.


  1. Do I have to get my transmission serviced here to use the warranty?

Some transmission rebuild shops require that you service your transmission at their location for the warranty to remain valid. That’s why you should pay close attention to some clauses that could void your warranty if they’re violated. Be sure to ask them the length of time you’re supposed to service your transmission at their location for the warranty to remain valid.


  1. Are your transmission rebuilding mechanics certified?

It’s in your best interest to ensure the mechanics working on your transmission are certified, like the ones from Fred’s Auto Center. This will help to avoid voiding warranty on some parts and give you a guarantee of a professional job.


  1. Will my transmission need further maintenance?

Typically, a rebuilt transmission will require preventive maintenance to keep it in top shape and avoid many problems down the road. Ask the mechanic about the recommended preventive maintenance and inspection schedule.


  1. Do you give written estimates?

A reliable and trusted transmission rebuild and repair mechanic will have no problem giving you a written estimate. A written estimate will ensure there are no hidden costs.


  1. Do you maintain an in-house transmission rebuild team?

A reliable transmission rebuild service should have an in-house team of mechanics to achieve quality repairs and consistency. For instance, at Fred’s Auto Center, we have a team of transmission rebuild mechanics with many years of experience. We focus on customer satisfaction, and this is one of our strong points that have made us #1 in transmission rebuilding and repair.

When it comes to transmission rebuild and repair, you can trust Fred’s Auto Center to do an excellent job. Call 203-934-7251.

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