When it comes to vehicle maintenance, spark plugs are something owners don’t often think about.

As spark plugs wear over time, they can affect gas mileage & engine performance.  If they haven’t been replaced at the right time they can even break, in this instance it can be an expensive job to have them removed.

To avoid this happening you should replace your spark plugs sooner rather than later.

At 80,000 miles Spark Plugs are 80% worn

Consider that at 80,000 miles spark plugs can be 80% worn, affecting performance, mileage & vehicle safety.  Even if you have extended which boast a lifepsan of 100,000 miles, you should have your spark plugs inspected at a lower mileage.

Why Replace Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs that are worn can cause the engine lead to excessive fuel use & affect the overall performance of the vehicle. –

When to Replace Spark Plugs

As with other vehicle maintenance, it is best to make replacements before parts are broken & cost more to replace.

Preventative maintenance is key to maintain the performance, value & safety of your vehicle.  Fred’s Auto Repair recommend that you check your manufacturers handbook for the recommended interval for replacing your spark plugs.  Spark plug replacement can be combined with other vehicle maintenance, such as brakes or your air filter, which can also be checked at these intervals.  Spark plug replacement is a quick & simple procedure & especially worth doing if your vehicle is getting beyond 30,000 miles.

Spark Plug Replacement Tips

  • Always use the same type of spark plugs when having them replaced.  For example if you have platinum spark plugs, replace with the same.
  • Replace spark plug wires between 50,000 & 70,000 miles, or at the same time as your spark plug replacement.  (If your vehicle uses them) .
  • Check your owners manual for the recommended gap for your spark plugs.  Know that this can gap can widen with the more miles you do.

Spark Plug Replacement in West Haven, CT

Is your vehicle due a maintenance? Contact Fred’s Auto Center for an inspection of your vehicle, we can tell you if your spark plugs need replacing & perform other vehicle checks, such as Engine & Transmission, Heating & Cooling, Brakes & Tires.

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