Car owners usually like to keep their new car smell as long as possible. If you don’t maintain your car well, certain smells will start emanating from it. You may think it’s a bag of fries or that gym towel you never took out. Follow your nose to find the source of the smell. Being aware of the odor your car produces can help you identify the problem before it becomes something harmful.


Here are some common car smells you can’t afford to ignore:


1. Rotten Eggs or Sulfur

The car uses gasoline fuel, which contains traces of sulfur. The sulfur creates a by-product called hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs. If the catalytic converter responsible for converting the sulfur dioxide to be odorless worn out. Then you will start feeling the rotten eggs smell. This means that your catalytic converter needs to get fixed. At times the issue only needs replacement of transmission fluid cause old fluid can produce the same smell. It is good to have your car checked and repairs done because the smell can be harmful.


2. Maple Syrup

Suppose you can sniff a sweet smell like maple syrup while driving your car. Even when you recently turn off the engine. This means the coolant containing the ethylene glycol can be leaking from your radiator. However, the ethylene glycol smells sweet but is very toxic and harmful to you and your passengers. This problem could be because of a corroded heater core, which may cause the vehicle to overheat. It is a good idea to get your car checked because inhaling a sweet smell can be very harmful to your health.


3. Burnt Carpet

If you can feel a burnt carpet smell, it means your brakes are overheating. This would be normal if the brakes were under intense braking conditions like driving down a mountain. However, this should not happen if you are driving normally. This is because it could indicate you did not disable your handbrake or have a seized caliper. The smell can mean your brakes worn out and need to get changed. It is also good to note that if you have new brakes installed, they produce such a smell for the first hundred miles and nothing to worry about.


4. Musty Basement

When you turn on your cars’ air conditioner and feel a musty smell, it could probably be that mold is stuck in your air conditioning vent. Air conditioners work by pulling water and air from the moisture. Water extracted gets drained to a box behind the dashboard. However, leaves and papers can block the drain, hence causing the water to become moldy. You can try running the fan at high speed to clear the mildew and get rid of the smell. If it does not work, you can have it checked by a mechanic.


5. Gasoline

It’s okay to smell gas as you refill your tank at the gas station. However, if you can still feel the smell of gas long after your refill, this means you have a leaky tank, engine, or exhaust. The gas cap can be loose, or the evaporative emissions from the control system can be leaking. If the smell stays for long is right to investigate and find out where it is coming from. This can alter the efficiency of your car and also your health. It is wise to turn off your engine immediately. Avoid lighting anything before the vehicle gets checked.


If you can recognize these smells and pinpoint them, it is wise to get your checked before getting worse. A car that is in good health should not emit any unpleasant smell. Be on the lookout for these smells helps save you and your car much trouble if checked on time.

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