Last week we covered what to do if your catalytic converter is stolen. But with cases on the rise, many people are wanting to know if there’s anything they can do to help protect these exposed, partially vulnerable, and no-doubt valued parts of their vehicle.

It’s a common misconception that catalytic converters feature precious metal, but they are typically made of inexpensive materials like copper and aluminum in reality.

This makes them an attractive target for thieves who want to sell the metals on the black market. The problem is so bad in some areas that police are famous for setting up checkpoints near highways and arrest people with catalytic converter thefts on their rap sheet.

Find a Safe and Secure Parking Space

The best place to park your vehicle is in a closed garage, but if you cannot find one or your vehicle cannot fit in one, we recommend finding a well-lit area. Poorly lit parking lots and spaces make it easy for thieves to pluck car parts undetected.

On a similar note, try parking low profile vehicles next to their high-riding counterparts. It is not easy to access the underneath of low–profile vehicles parking; they could act as a protective shield for SUVs and other high riding cars.

Also, keep your vehicle stored off-road to hide it from potential threats and thieves.

Etch Your Vehicle Identification Number

Another way to prevent thieves from stealing your catalytic converter is by engraving your vehicle identification number on it. It may alert scrap metal dealers and make it easier to identify your component whenever someone tries to trade with it. Most people won’t steal your vehicle component if they cannot find a market for it.
Top garages also etche unique serial numbers on catalytic converters so that car owners can easily identify them. They will give you stickers that you can display on your window indicating that your catalytic converter is marked.

Ask Your Mechanic To Weld The Bolts

If you cannot make it hard for them to access your catalytic converter, make it hard for them to pluck it out.
If you have a bolted catalytic converter, ask your local mechanic to weld it and make it almost impossible to remove. You can also weld it on your car frame to make it a permanent component.

You won’t have to weld the bolts: you buy a Catalog, a device that locks around the component to make it more difficult to remove. It contains more than 45 bespoke fitments, so it can only fit a few model ranges. Catalogs cost between £200 and £250- depending on the car model, including tax and fitting by a certified Toyota dealer.
A great alternative to Catloc is the CatClamp, which clamps the exhaust pipe plus the catalytic converter. It eliminates any risk of damaging the oxygen sensors, heat shield, and catalytic converter.

Invest In Security Cameras and Devices

Investing in security apparatus is more for preventing general theft but not tied specifically to catalytic converters. Talk to your dealership or mechanic to see if they can install an approved alarm system and a sensor that sets the alarm if someone tries to remove your catalytic converter.

You can also calibrate your existing car alarm for the same purpose or install motion-activated lights outside the garage show; if someone shows up, the lights automatically turn on.


We hope everyone can keep their vehicles safe while this current wave of theft continues.  If you have any questions, concerns or would like help protecting your vehicle in the West Haven, CT area.  Don’t hesitate to contact our family-run auto repair shop: 203-934-7251 located at: 244 Platt Ave, West Haven.

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