If you don’t take steps to prepare your car for winter, you could suffer an unexpected breakdown or emergency repair.

Winterizing your car doesn’t have to be difficult!  We have put together steps that every vehicle owner can take to protect themselves, their vehicle & their family this winter.  With just a few simple checks you can winterize your car and save yourself from an unexpected breakdown or repair this winter.

Steps to Winterizing Your Car

  1. Get Your Brakes Checked – It’s important you get your brakes checked, aside from your tires they are your best defence in an emergency. – Signs your brakes need a service
  2. Replace Worn Wiper Blades – Make sure your wiper blades work correctly, you may wish to invest in winter wiper blades as a replacement.
  3. Use Winter Washer Fluid – When you fill up your washer fluid consider using a cold weather option.
  4. Check Your Tire Pressure & Depth – Over the winter months you should try to check your tire pressure and depth each week.
  5. Get Your Battery Checked – Cold weather can have an adverse affect on your car battery, you may want to schedule a check-up with your local mechanic if you are concerned.
  6. Check Your Anti-Freeze – Flush and clean your anti-freeze before winter sets in, add a new anti-freeze to your cooling system to protect your car against freezing temperatures.
  7. Check all of your lights – As the nights draw in shorter its critical you get all of your lights checked out.  Get a friend or family member to check each of your exterior lights with you.
  8. Create an Emergency Kit – All vehicle owners should consider having an emergency kit in their trunk, however if you don’t have one winter is a great time to start.  You may want to check you have everything covered, such as ice-scraper, blanket and water as a minimum.  Follow our Emergency Car Kit Checklist

If you follow these simple checks you can easily start winterizing your car, preventing the need for a vehicle repair or worse.  Every vehicle owner should take steps to winterizing their car & preparing for any eventuality this winter.

Why not bring your vehicle in for a winter check-up?  Ask about our winter special

  • Complete oil change and filter
  • Drain and fill Coolant
  • Check battery
  • Check anti-freeze
  • Rotate tires


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