6 Super Simple Tips To Improve Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

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6 Super Simple Tips To Improve Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy The fuel economy has become one of the top concerns in the past few years for two reasons. First, oil prices have gone up substantially over the past few years – the national average price for a gallon of fuel today is around $5.00—up about […]

5 Signs That You Need To replace your car battery

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5 Signs That You Need To replace your car battery The car battery is one of the most important components. It provides electrical power to start the vehicle, supplies additional current when the charging system is unable to keep up with electrical demand and acts as a voltage stabilizer for the vehicle’s charging system. Obviously, […]

Signs Of A Bad Ignition Coil

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Signs Of A Bad Ignition Coil 6 Indicators of a bad ignition coil The ignition coil is a high voltage and a low current transformer that converts your car’s 12-volt power supply to the 25,000-30,000 volts needed to jump the gap of the spark plug, hence initiating combustion. When the ignition coil malfunctions, it will […]

Signs That Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

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Signs That Your Car Needs Suspension Repair Seven signs for suspension repair Your car’s suspension is like a carriage on which the main cabin sits. It is a protective framework of shock-absorbing components such as dampers and springs. The suspension absorbs impacts from road bumps and ensures that the drive is smooth and safe. Over […]

Looking For Under-Car Services In West Haven?

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Whenever we think of a mechanic, we immediately get the image of a person laying underneath a vehicle trying to fix it. This is because a lot of issues a vehicle faces can be fixed through the bottom. Your vehicle’s under car contains a number of systems that work in tandem to ensure that your […]

Why is Your Car AC Failing to Keep you Cool this Summer?

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Nothing is more aggravating than your car AC failing in the middle of summer Summer is the perfect weather for road trips with family and friends. However, the whole experience is ruined if your car AC fails to blow cold air in scorching heat. It is important that before you set out on a long […]

Common brake problems and maintenance

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Checking for brake problems can save money and lives   Brake problems can be intimidating even for the most experienced and headstrong of drivers. After all, brakes are one of the main safety components in your car. Any fault in the car’s braking system could put you and the other vehicle occupants at grave risk. […]

What’s Involved in a Transmission Rebuild?

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A transmission rebuild, as its name suggests, is an overhaul done to a vehicle’s transmission to restore it to good working order. This involves replacing or repairing some parts of the transmission, such as gaskets, bands, clutch, electrical work, and seals – as required. It also involves cleaning the transmission to remove buildup. Basically, this procedure is done to […]

5 Ways Transmissions Get Ruined

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The transmission is a vital component of your car or truck. The transmission makes sure that the wheels receive the correct amount of power from your engine, and also plays an important role in gear shifting. Problems with your transmission should always be addressed swiftly.  The longer you leave transmission problems, the more damage can […]

Signs & Problems of Loose Steering

  A vehicle that has loose steering can range from being a minor announce to frightening.  Over-turning vehicles make sharper turns, meaning you can fast be in a different lane on the highway drifting into the path of another vehicle. Over-turning (also known as excessive play or free play) is not something to be ignored […]