4 Reasons to Schedule an Auto Air Conditioning Service

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As a vehicle owner there’s a lot to think about when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.  For many of us, an air conditioning service is low on our priority list. In fact we may not even realize that our air conditioning is in need of repair. Over time the air conditioning in most cars […]

10 Tips to checking your car before a long road trip

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About to go on a long road trip?  Wondering what checks you need to make before you leave?  Checking your car before a long road trip could save you having an needed breakdown or holiday drama!   Checking your car before a long road trip Tip 1: Get your emergency kit together If you don’t […]

10 Ways to get more MPG on a long journey

Want to get more MPG from your car & save money?  If you’re soon off on a long journey there’s plenty of ways to make you can make your fuel last longer with little effort at all. How can I get more MPG from my car? Drive lighter If you’re on a long trip it’s likely […]

10 Ways to keep kids busy on a long car journey

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Almost every parent will have experienced the trauma of a long car journey with bored kids in the back. If you are soon to be off on a long family road trip & long for a peaceful stress-free drive, try these 10 suggestions for keeping your kids busy and more importantly, quiet! On the way… […]