When Should You Replace Spark Plugs?


When it comes to vehicle maintenance, spark plugs are something owners don’t often think about. As spark plugs wear over time, they can affect gas mileage & engine performance.  If they haven’t been replaced at the right time they can even break, in this instance it can be an expensive job to have them removed. […]

Winterizing Your Car – Top Tips

Winter Driving Tips.jpeg

If you don’t take steps to prepare your car for winter, you could suffer an unexpected breakdown or emergency repair. Winterizing your car doesn’t have to be difficult!  We have put together steps that every vehicle owner can take to protect themselves, their vehicle & their family this winter.  With just a few simple checks […]

Tips to Save Money & Avoid Expensive Auto Repairs

Expensive Auto Repair.jpeg

Vehicles are very complex machines; they need regularly looking after & if you don’t take proper steps to maintain them, you could soon find yourself paying for a costly repair. The best way to prevent expensive auto repairs is to invest in what’s called preventative maintenance. Regular small checks & fixes might cost you money […]

5 Signs Your Brakes Need a Service


How do you know when your brakes need a service?  It’s a pretty important question that we should all know the answer to.  If your brakes stop working then you could be in some serious trouble. If you think there might be a problem with your brakes or you just want to know what to […]

Choosing the right tires for your vehicle


Choosing the right tires for your vehicle depends on a number of factors, each car has different requirements for the size of tires needed and the conditions you drive in can have a big impact on the types of tires you need. The one thing that should always remain the same however is choosing the […]

When to Replace the Timing Belt

Timing Belt.png

When it comes to preventing costly repair or replacement on your vehicle your timing belt/cam belt is easily the most important serviceable part of your car’s engine. If your vehicle’s timing belt breaks you could be looking at a costly engine repair or expensive fix costing $100’.  In some cases the timing belt is nestled […]