5 Ways to Care for Your Car During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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Are you spending a lot of your time at home during the Coronavirus lock-down?  If you haven’t used you vehicle much and don’t plan to any time soon it may be in need of some care. They say that cars are a big commitment, no matter what you do something will eventually need doing; this […]

How Often Does a Hybrid Need an Oil Change?

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Do you have a hybrid vehicle but you are not sure how often to change the oil? Hybrid vehicles use a regular combustion engine as well as an electric battery; so they still use oil in the same way traditional vehicles do.  The oil in the engine needs changing just as a non-hybrid; it needs […]

5 Auto Checks for Fall

Autumn Driving

Problems with your vehicle can come at any time of year. Of course winter presents unique challenges, as does summer with searing heat that affects thousands of car batteries every year. But what about fall? Battery The two biggest contributors to car battery problems are heat and overcharging.  This means you’re most at risk from […]

Maintaining a Car with High Mileage

These days car owners are deciding to keep their vehicles for longer than ever. Many of us don’t want the expense of buying a new car, so we look for ways of extending the life of our existing vehicles. Whatever age your car is, the advice is always the same, regular maintenance.  What should you […]

5 Signs of Serious Engine Problems

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If you know the signs of serious engine problems you can prevent yourself from a breakdown & your vehicle sustaining serious damage. It is far better to get your engine checked sooner rather than later if you think there’s a problem. What are the signs of serious engine problems? Think you might have a problem […]

5 Signs Your Brakes Need a Service


How do you know when your brakes need a service?  It’s a pretty important question that we should all know the answer to.  If your brakes stop working then you could be in some serious trouble. If you think there might be a problem with your brakes or you just want to know what to […]